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The Great British Bake Off is back on the television, and I couldn’t be happier!

We are now into season two at its new home on  Channel 4 in the UK, with original judge Paul Hollywood, new judge Pru Leith, and new presenters Sandy Toksvig & Noel Fielding.

12 new hopefuls entered the tent last night, 28th August, and for a change, it started with ‘biscuit week’.
The format remains the same, though.
Starting with the signature bake, on to the technical bake, and ending, as always, with the showstopper.

So, who are this years contestants?

1. Rahul moved from Kolkata, India to the UK, where he now works in Rotherham as a research scientist.
2. Kim-Joy The 27-year-old from Leeds is a mental health specialist whose passion lies with baking bread
3. Luke a civil servant and house DJ from Sheffield
4. Imelda is 33-year-old, hails from Northern Ireland and loves to bake for her family and friends
5. Dan, 36, is a full-time parent from London
6. Ruby is a 29-year-old project manager from London
7. Antony, 30, is a banker, and describes himself as a “Bollywood Baker”
8. Briony is a full-time parent from Bristol
9. Terry, 56, is a retired air steward
10. Jon, 47, is a blood courier from Wales
11. Manon, 26, was born and raised in France where she was taught to bake by her mother
12. Karen, 60, is an in-store sampling assistant from West Yorkshire

Last nights rounds were 12 identical biscuits that showcased the region the contestant came from in the signature bake. The technical bake was a “Waggon Wheel”; marshmallow & jam sandwiched between two round biscuits and covered in a thin layer of chocolate. The showstopper saw the contestants creating a 3D selfie portrait from biscuit!

As is the case every week, one person will be crowned ‘Star Baker’, and one contestant will, unfortunately, have to leave the tent for good.
On this first week, Manon was crowned star baker, and by the thinnest of margins, Imelda from Northern Ireland was the first to leave.

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  1. I always watch these shows in the U. S. But we get them after they have all been shown in the U. K. I watch them on public television in the states. Glad to know there is another set coming up.

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