Week 2

So, week two is upon us already. Didn’t that week go fast?
Or maybe it didn’t, maybe it stretched out endlessly, waiting for the next episode?
I really hope it was the first one! #GBBO #GBBO2018

Cake Week

Ordinarily, Great British Bake Off would open with ‘cake week’, but this year saw it switched around a little, and the opening week was ‘biscuits’, which saw Imelda from Northern Ireland eliminated.
So we go into cake week with 11 contestants.
I am so glad that they have kept the same format for the shows, as it means I don’t have to explain the order of how things happened, just what happened.

The first round, the Signature Challenge, and the challenge for the bakers is to make a traybake. Any flavour they like, but it MUST be cut into 16 equal slices.
I almost expected Cherish from Bake Off The Professionals to appear!
Dan appears to have won the first round. His black forest traybake slices with cream, a small chocolate swirl and a cherry on top look incredible, and he gets a handshake from Paul

Second round, and it’s Technical challenge time! The challenge this week is to make a Gateau Vert, which apparently was Monet’s favourite cake. Basically it’s a green pistachio flavoured cake, covered in icing coloured with spinach.
The sponge for the cake is a Genoise, and a lot of the bakers have problems. Some not separating the eggs, some not able to slice properly, but Jon is loving this round. He’s made genoise before and is quietly confident.
He had every reason to be, as it looks like Jon has the best cake in this round!

So, the end of round two, and who’s doing well, who’s not?
Dan got a handshake from Paul and is obviously in the running for Star Baker along with Jon. Manon, Karen, Terry and Luke have all had bad bakes and are all in danger.

Finally, we come to the Show Stopper.
A ‘Chocolate Collar’ cake, with a minimum of two layers with collars, but there’s a problem.
How do you temper chocolate
IN a tent
In a field
On the hottest day of the year yet!

Pretty much everyone had problems with this, but some did better than others.
Terry decided to make a a champagne and strawberry Eiffel Tower, but he designed this well before we knew this was going to be a hellishly hot day. Chocolate structure – hot day – it doesn’t look good.
The judging starts well, Dan & Jon both had collars and very good cakes, but there’s more to come.
Rahul’s cake looks amazing, tastes amazing, and gets the first ever handshake from Paul in a showstopper round!
Quickly followed by a handshake for Ruby too!
Karen, Terry & Luke have all had a bad round, so it’s probably one of them that is going to go.

Finally we’re at the end, and we find out who is leaving and who gets star baker.

Unfortunately, it’s Luke that is leaving the tent




Rahul gets Star Baker! I felt sure it would be either Dan or Jon.


So that’s it for another week, be sure to sign up to the newsletter to get notified when the next episode is out